Be Your Best friend

Be Your Best friend

Improve relationships with the most important person in your life – YOU!

If you have criticized yourself very often and are always anxious, you are at the correct place and time because you are reading this article. Even if you haven’t displayed these behaviors, you still are at the correct place coz, this might help you help someone.

In my career and life, I have come across many people who are excellent in their areas of work and are fantastic individuals. Very often, I have witnessed them struggling with themselves and in a state of melancholy, fearfulness and feeling worthless. The truth, however, differs from what they feel. Each of these individuals has something special in them and are significant assets wherever they work and great pillars in their families and social circles. Their insights are amazing, and they can somehow see things, which people would miss.

No why am I mentioning this?

These people, though so talented, are always in a state of self-doubt and blame, which makes their day to day lives extremely hard as life goes on. I am penning down some thoughts from my experience which could help them turn around their life.

Usually, they are searching for someone. A best friend, supposedly. However, they must realize that they and everyone else can be their best friends.

We can see a very common phenomenon in this set of folks. Criticizing themselves and being anxious. The best thing about these behaviors is that they go hand in hand. They are the soul partners in life.

One very common thing I could see in these people was that they were very serious about all aspects and people in their lives except themselves. Obviously, this led them to a state of anxiety, over-thinking, and self-criticism, and always wondering what others would think of them. As they would spend time either at work, or with friends, the only thing which would get firmed in their lives was keeping others above them and an enormous urge to please everyone, fueled by their ever-shrinking confidence.

Now let’s put down some probable reasons which could make this happen

Overcoming anxiety demands developing a strong sense of self. The endeavor is to become an assured, mindful person with interests and passions. A person who is truly comfortable to laugh at themselves because, at their core, they have reached a level of contentment and acceptance regarding who they are. Having said this, it is not a simple task when you are in a pool of self-doubt.

Very often, you would find yourself asking the question “What do I like?”

Take this, for example. When you hear some kid say, “I must get an A+ in my exam”, in the subconscious, he or she has somehow implanted the thought probably that “If I don’t get an A+ in the exam, I might not be liked by my parents, teachers, or friends”. In the pursuit of being liked by everyone, the kid grows up doing things which might not be his or her real calling, which then becomes an imprint of his or her life, only to be the biggest barrier to happiness and contentment.

In the same case, if the kid grows up learning things which he or she likes, with the required support and acceptance, then the chances of his or her being a content and cheerful person increases manifold. However, the biggest benefit he or she gets is about understanding self truly and acting as per his or her inner core. This automatically leads to success in different forms and shapes.

But what if you are already in a situation where you are disconnected from self, and you can’t go back in time to fix your childhood? How could you fix things in your present life?

It’s very easy to prescribe a list of actions and hope that you would complete them, and you would be a changed person. But that can happen with the correct guidance of either a professional or a guru. However, there are a few things which you can practice consciously though, to get yourself on the desired path.

First, you have to love yourself. But there are actions which would help you do that.

Speak your thoughts out to someone where you don’t feel judged.

Listen to music or do anything which nudges your creativity.

Express yourself without thinking about anything. This will avoid choking of thoughts and create confidence.

Exercise as much as possible. Keep yourself physically active during the day. This would help you not only to develop concentration but also good health.

Be thankful for everything you have. Gratitude does magic if done whole heartedly.

Meditation always helps, especially if coupled with chanting mantras for Root chakra and Root chakra exercises.

If you can, try walking barefoot on grass in the morning for 30 minutes.

Last but not the least, Read, Read and Read, good books. This helps you get knowledge about various things and increases your confidence overtime.

But the bottom line is, if you keep on thinking, be self-critical, and either are in the state of ‘Hankering’ or ‘Lamenting’, you will go nowhere. All you need is action. Action to get yourself out from the clasps of the two best friends–Self-Criticism and Anxiety.

Though you can certainly take professional help to improve yourself, however, if you understand and accept the fact that perfectionism does not exist, and it’s only improvement which runs lives, you shall be able to make a huge difference in your lives by following the practices which I enlisted above, to become your best friend.

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Kabir Roy Choudhury

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