The Pitfalls of our mind – Part 3

The Pitfalls of our mind – Part 3

Mind altering habits which take you nowhere

Continuing from the previous article below are a few more personalities you can relate to.

The Pitfalls of our mind: You can relate the habits with the set of people as we go along.

Overgeneralization – Now let’s see some statements which is very commonly heard or said in our lives. “You never care about me.” “You are always late.” “You are not studying at all.” “Every time you keep your towels on the floor.” “He will never be on time.” “He can never keep commitments.” “You never get me anything.” Do these statements ring some bells? I am sure they do, in some form or the other. Meet the group of people who are extremely impatient or lack the will to sit down and observe all the data points, before concluding and creating an opinion. These folks are very good at using the recency effects in any situations and form opinions by generalizing the entire life in a sentence which they deem fit. It does not matter to them whether they have considered all the data points to conclude or not. If a person is late for a meeting once, can you form the opinion there and then that he or she can’t be on time ever? And more importantly, should you pass on your “not thought through” opinion to others about him or her? These folks just need to take a deep breath and think before they speak or even think. A diary really helps these folks.

Never look at the positive – Now let’s meet the set of folks who, in the process of being modest, do not realize that when they crossed the line and became someone who just does not look at any positives. Take an example of a lady who is looking absolutely stunning in the party and still quietly looking at everyone. You walk up to the lady and say, “You are absolutely gorgeous today.” She looks at you and without even saying “Thank You”, says “No. I am not that great. The dress is not that great, and my hair would have been better if I had more time.” Then if you would want, it would take a great deal of effort and time to convince her that people are noticing her totally and she would not be convinced still. In the end you would walk away wondering, whether your social skills are rusted or is the person really not interested. But the fact is that both these notions hold no place in front of the thought process of totally disregarding the positive. These folks can’t take a compliment at all. In every situation, they only look at the missing piece of the cake, however small it might be. All they could help themselves with is to accept a compliment and revert with a genuine thank you. Blush if you must but take and compliment and return the thanks, be it in a party, or in all aspects of life. These folks forget gratitude which keeps them unhappy. They just need to start counting the things they have and be grateful to the almighty for them. Very often, helping the needy does help them exercise this concept in their lives.

Seeing only what you want – Say for example you run a business and you have rolled out a customer satisfaction survey. The results show that your business is running at a 75% customer satisfaction score, which is the best in industry, compared to your peers. Now these set of people will take the report and ask for all the information about the rest of the 25% feedback which came in and put in all the energy of the people around to focus there without celebrating the 75% mark. What happens here is that, instead of having a sense of achievement, the people in the organization get to believe that the work they do is not up to the mark, which in turns spreads demotivation and lower performance due to burn out. Not that working on the 25% is not important, but can you not even acknowledge the 75% at all. Now take the example of a girl who just got 99% in his boards, and the 1st thing she hears from her parents is “If you had studied properly, you would have got a 100%.” Yes, improvements should always be done in the current situations to evolve better, but should it be done at the cost of disregarding what has been achieved? These folks are the best in the world when it comes to demarcate the positives and negatives and focus only on the negatives. The best of the filter technology fails before them. They, need to take it a bit easy on themselves and others, learn to see both the sides, and especially know when and how to push for more.

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