The Pitfalls of our mind – Part 4

The Pitfalls of our mind – Part 4

Mind altering habits which take you nowhere

Continuing from the previous article below are a few more personalities you can relate to.

The Pitfalls of our mind: You can relate the habits with the set of people as we go along.

Stamped – Now here are the set of folks who forget the line control between mistake and habit. They base their entire life on one event and brand themselves or others accordingly in the most negative manner. This is a habit, which even they don’t realize, has engulfed their reputation and happiness. So, as time goes, they label themselves as failures by overgeneralizing things, instead of recognizing the minor mistake they made. The best part is, they do the same with others. Now try to think if anyone comes to your mind who displays this trait. Isn’t it a pain to even have a conversation with them? How does it feel when they give their opinions?

It’s youNow here are the people who move ahead from a personal predicament to a vendetta on everyone and everything. “I could have done this if you had not stopped me.” “If I had got the required things in my life, I could have been at the top.” “I am not getting a promotion because of my boss.” “My life is in a mess because of you.” You would see these folks whining about everyone and everything. Do you know someone like this? This behaviour is sometimes extremely informative, as the person would tell you what has happened and what people have done to him or her. So you can get all the information from a single spot. The best part is, you just need to kindle a small spark, and the magic will start. This trait is so poisonous that it prevents the individual from looking into himself or herself totally, regardless of how many motivational books he or she reads. Generally, you will stop talking to these people after some time because, as they do not work on themselves, they fall back in the game and then get into the vicious cycle of jealousy. This also has a dangerous bearing when these people bring up their kids. How do you feel when you meet a person like this?

I Feel – Here we meet the “I Feel” folks. “Mujhe Aisa Lagta Hai”. These folks are at the epitome of emotions in the human race. Amazingly, they don’t even know that. How many times have you come across people who in any situation would either start or end the sentence with “I feel” or “Mujhe aisa lagta hai”. They somehow have developed a very difficult habit of closing their ears when they hear something and immediately making a picture and opinion in their mind of the situation, conversation, or the person. They just do not understand data points. Most interestingly, you will see them blabber a lot. How do you feel talking to these folks? Sometimes it feels, they are just venting out because no one listens to them. Obvio. If you talk sense, people will listen to you.

In the next article we shall explore a few more. Stay tuned.

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