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A light book with such a strong messageAmazon Verified User Read More
A simple, well written book to understand life. I have been reading some amazing self help books to understand life…this book attracted me for its title. A fiction, but with such strong message and such simple language, it’s a gem. The author, with such simplicity, has brought out such deep meaningful thoughts. I finished this book in one go, leaving the work aside, just did what I am passionate about..reading. A must read for it’s simple yet powerful lesson.
This is a movie in makingAmazon Verified User Read More
An aspiration, a passion and a faith against odds. The story gives a glimpse of true events that most of us witness in our day to day life. A must read for everyone who is falling into the trap of daily struggles and wants to unlock true strength of one’s mind. This book is an inspirational story about a small town girl with big dreams and how series of events shape her life. A young girl who decides to pursue a career against her family, only to find out that the path she has chosen is not the perfect one. She comes across failures and dejection . How does her mind deal with unfavorable situations? Through this powerful story, the author brings out all inhibitions and insecurities that a human mind deals with and the impact it gets from situations and people. But the most important, how can one train the mind to go on
A Powerful Message Given Simply, Interestingly and EffectivelyAmazon Verified User Read More
Reading A Mindful Mind takes you down the memory lane or perhaps some of the struggles that you have yourself faced in your life. There are times when you can identify yourself with the characters in the book. An effective narrative will always pull you in and keep you turning the pages and this is exactly what this book does to you, as a reader. And when you are finally done with the book, the heartwarming message is very inspirational. I especially liked the little pearls of wisdom at the end of each chapter.
Relatable story with a profound messageAmazon Verified User Read More
The story is very relatable, with a profound message. The author has touched upon issues and struggles of people without being preachy.I particularly liked the messages conveyed after every chapter; each chapter compells you to introspect.
Heart felt simplicity blended with messageAmazon Verified User Read More
Excellent book… a must read….takes you through a journey that one can connect…
Script simplicity also enables this book to walk through a clear direction and bring out an excellent message.
The story telling is impeccable and message is beautiful.Amazon Verified User Read More
Love the simplicity through which such strong ideas are conveyed. The story telling is impeccable and message is clear and simple. Looking forward for more stories from the author.

A Mindful Mind

A Mindful Mind- In Delhi, a brave, small-town girl’s dreams are shattered when her career ends, even before starting.

In Jaipur, she is made to feel worthless by the only person she cares about.

In Bangalore, she goes through abysmal situations which make her bitter, dejected, fearful, and her insecurity compels her to shut down her passionate enterprise.

She is confused, fearful, belittled, homesick and she cannot share her pain with anyone at home. She forgets herself and her dreams.

Can she overcome her inhibitions and insecurity, to achieve what she had always wanted? Can she resolve herself and her life before it’s too late?

An action-packed entertainer revealing, how our mind is influenced by situations and people who make us feel worthless, and how we can overcome hate to fall in love again.

Abysmal thoughts can be healed by reading this book. A Mindful Mind is not a book it is a way for your peaceful life . This book can help you to overcome your negative  or unwanted thoughts. You should definitely read this book ,  A must read for it’s simple yet powerful lesson.